What we want now is Ross!

Now I really want to hear from Jonathan Ross. He hasn’t spoken publicly about any of what’s happened since his infamous appearance on Radio 2’s Russell Brand Show on 18 October and he was last on air on his own R2 show on Saturday 25 October.

Does he think he’s been hung out to dry by the BBC? Has he been watching Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe on BBC 4 which is doing its best to make sure people still have something to complain about on the BBC?

Most importantly, will Ross return to Radio 2, supposedly on 24 January next year when his suspension ends, as if nothing has ever happened?

Speak to us, Jonathan. Your fans need you.


One thought on “What we want now is Ross!

  1. In an interview on 5 Live a week or so ago, Jimmy Carr said he was OK, if you were worrying about him…

    Its a great pity he, by his own admission, generally dislikes the internet. He could so easily just choose to end his contract with the BBC and do a podcast instead, and find someone to sponsor it. Look at what the likes of Ricky Gervais, Phil Jupitus, Stephen Fry and so on are doing. Great pity he’s not presenting the Comedy Awards also – it was bad enough last year’s were never shown – is there a tape?

    (I love the fact that Charlie Brooker watches the Paranormal Channel so we don’t have too..)

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