Radio 2 needs an energy boost

I really should have something better to do (lots of things, in truth) but once again this weekend I was reminded of what a soulless place Radio 2 is without Jonathan Ross.

I didn’t even bother listening to whoever or whatever is standing in for his Saturday lunchtime show but was forced to listen to some of what was going on on Saturday afternoon, once the Charlie and Lola story on the in-car CD player had looped for the third time. Snow may be Lola’s favourite and her best, but the magic was beginning to fade after a couple of listens.

So it was we tuned in to Dermot O’Leary for a while. Normally I’ve nothing against Mr O’Leary’s afternoon efforts on a Saturday. It’s easy. It isn’t the god-awful “comedy” that comes on after Ross, which is immediatley switched off. O’Leary gets musicians in to play live sets. And I have a degree of loyalty because he’s a friend of a cousin.

But really, the lack of energy, wit, verve and general je ne sais quoi on his and so many other R2 programmes (Mr Ball included) is sadly exposed because Ross, the main star in the firmament, is missing.

BBC 1 controller Jay Hunt was right to praise Ross and his talents as a broadcaster. All those people who were so keen to gun him down should recognise exactly what they’ve done by shooting down the star. There’s a recession on and R2 is a grey place, devoid of sparkle without Ross on air.

I’m wishing for a digital radio for Christmas. Apparently Adam & Joe are quite good on 6 Music of a Saturday morn.


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