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Jonathan Ross arrives for Saturday radio show. PA/BBC

So what did we all make of Mr Ross’ return to TV and radio last night and this morning? My highly scientific survey of a cross-section of the British public (one septuagenarian and a few presumably younger folk blogging here) suggests the oldies still don’t like him, the younger crowd still do.

In this new spirit of doing everything by the book, I must admit I missed a whole hour of Ross’ Radio 2 show today (kids’ ballet classes, dontcha know). But I was listening at the beginning to hear Ross apologise to his radio listeners for his misdemeanors of October last and to have just the slightest dig at the press: “I said sorry beforehand, but that message didn’t seem to have got out there. I got the feeling the newspapers hadn’t actually heard it, even though some of them printed it, so it was nice to go out there and get the chance to get that off my chest,” he said, referring to his apology on last night’s TV show.

Which reminds me of just how much he was slagging off the papers on one of his R2 shows before his suspension, digging away at the idea that “friends” as sources for celebrity stories means anything other than journalists making things up. Who said the papers were out to get their revenge last year? Wash your mouth out.

Ross did look a little nervous on his chat show when Lee Evans started getting jiggy. But by the last hour of his R2 show, Ross was his usual radio self: ebullient, professional (rocketing through the Elbow and Katy Brand interviews when it was clear the “quiz” had over-run), amusing, down-to-earth and just that tiny bit edgy. “Good luck with the diet,” he bid Elbow’s Guy Garvey. And he insisted Brand didn’t have to be “that cautious” as she tied herself in knots trying to retract a comment about Pat Butcher on crack. Music was good, too.

All in all, there’s something to get up for on Saturday mornings again. Just need to shift the ballet classes.

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