The question we’re all asking

Chris Evans. BBC

That question is, of course, has Chris Evans changed? The DJ who went AWOL from Virgin Radio despite owning most if not all of it and who parted company with Radio 1 somewhat acrimoniously back in 1997. His brilliance became self-importance and he paid the ultimate price – years in a celebrity wilderness.

Now Evans is back on top after a successful run as Radio 2’s drivetime host and, from today, hosts the coveted Radio 2 breakfast show.

The question is: is Evans really a matured, more rounded character? Will he go home to his wife and young son after working at ungodly hours (7am til 9am) and eschew the long lunches that were his downfall ten, 15 years ago? For the sake of the BBC and Evans’ listeners I hope he has changed. But I feel a youthful part of myself dying as I make that wish.

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