Business as usual

Lucy RouseWell look who it is. Only lucecannon stirring from a nine-month slumber. In truth I never quite went away. I have been “resting” since April 2010. Well, I haven’t been resting. I’m a mother of two and a freelancer; I never rest.

But I have developed a theory and my theory is this: that media is first in and first out of a recession so the market for freelancers has dramatically improved since the moment I decided to re-enter it, which roughly coincided with my epiphany about downshifting being really quite a bad idea. Try to keep up if you can. I’m doing my best to articulate all this in as few words as possible because I know how busy…. No, wait, come back – there are only three more sentences in this post. I know how busy you are. Thanks for reading. More soon – aka over and out.