A little pep talk

Three Towers beach

Wind and sand

It’s apparently National Sickie Day, when the nation’s collective energy and commitment to getting things done slumps temporarily and we withdraw to our duvets and swivel chairs and eat fattening produce and stare bleakly in a sleep deprived fashion out at the wind and the rain. Or perhaps I am, once again, alone in doing all of those things.

But I am going to share another nugget with you today and that is the confession that this blog is no longer exclusively about TV or the programmes that are shown on it.

Regular readers, if derekofthehesperus is still out there, will know that it never was exclusively about TV. Another fan (yes, there were two) has always known this blog is about life, the universe and where I might find a hot shower. More about that later.

So, relax, have a warming drink. Look after your health and let’s have fun and share a little wisdom together. Adieu for now.


Are you lurking at my post?

Half a pint of lager

Ladies and Gents, I really have nothing to say today so feel free to click away now. But thanks for visiting, bye.

To anyone still here, I dedicate this post to you just as a way of driving traffic. Lurkers: I may not know who you are but I know you’re out there. And while we’re all here let’s hear it for pubgoers everywhere, but particularly in York, where the desire for a punch up is almost always preceded by the immortal line: “Are you looking at my pint?”

Over and out.


Business as usual

Lucy RouseWell look who it is. Only lucecannon stirring from a nine-month slumber. In truth I never quite went away. I have been “resting” since April 2010. Well, I haven’t been resting. I’m a mother of two and a freelancer; I never rest.

But I have developed a theory and my theory is this: that media is first in and first out of a recession so the market for freelancers has dramatically improved since the moment I decided to re-enter it, which roughly coincided with my epiphany about downshifting being really quite a bad idea. Try to keep up if you can. I’m doing my best to articulate all this in as few words as possible because I know how busy…. No, wait, come back – there are only three more sentences in this post. I know how busy you are. Thanks for reading. More soon – aka over and out.


Status update

A couple of people have asked me what’s going on with this blog, so I thought I’d post an answer. In a nutshell, it’s too much hassle for too little return.

I guess when I started I thought I’d attract some sponsorship, maybe a banner ad at the top advertising upcoming programmes on a major broadcaster. But of course we were in a recession and it turns out my chums in media press offices don’t have advertising budgets and I don’t have chums in advertising.

So, sorry faithful readers, lucecannon has fallen by the wayside although I still think it’s a great name (thanks, Martin) and, who knows, it may be resurrected in some way, shape or form in the future.


Random post: search hilarity

One of the more amusing things about writing your own blog is seeing what search terms people have typed into various engines to get to your blog. I need to know who typed “jonathan ross” + “wet the bed” into a search engine TODAY?!

It resulted in two page views, so I’m not complaining. Just asking the question. What on earth??? Who, what, why? Sadly I have no information on who types these things in – just the string of rubbish.

So intrigued am I, that I’ve just tried this search myself and, in Google, it generates 167 results. I am proud to say that lucecannon is about 10th in the list but other gems include this (which is unreadable, really) and this from Anorak (“keeping tabs on the tabloids” – like it).

Strange place, the blogosphere.