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Click on the Weekend Briefing link on the left hand of this page side to get a round-up of media stories from the weekend’s newspapers. This service now includes links to the original stories as published online.

This round-up has been compiled mostly from the newspapers’ websites, rather than from hard copies of the papers themselves and, frankly, I lost the will to live two thirds of the way through. So I’ve ignored some papers altogether like the Mail on Sunday and the Express on Saturday and Sunday. No excuses. Just couldn’t be arsed.

If anyone remotely cares about any of this, email me at and I’ll see how I can do this better in future.


This can work one of two ways

Well, really it can work one of at least three ways, but let’s not think the unthinkable just yet.

The first way this can work is that you, dear Reader, can adopt a pseudonym, nom de plume or just simply a made-up name like nationwide, MelanieBellamy, yeractual or some other equally nonsensical moniker (although don’t use any of those, coz they’re already in a gang over on MediaGuardian and we don’t want them here). You then create an email account in your made-up name with Hotmail, Yahoo or whoever (NB other free email service providers are available) and you start commenting here in your new guise.

Or, we can keep it real. Because I have so far only publicised this blog to friends and people I work with (the two categories sometimes overlapping), we could just be a friendly little club laughing and japing at the general shenanigans of TV and meeja happenstance.

It’s up to you. But if this thing is to work and be any fun at all (for me, if not also for you), it would be nice to start up a conversation. So be brave and leave a comment, whether you want to contest my recollection of the fruit throwing contest in Montreux or comment on how that story about how the government wants ITV to make a special Jeremy Kyle show to get people off benefits got into the Observer.

Go on, go on, go on.

The third and final way it could work is not to work at all, if you are all too self-conscious and wet to join in. Journos and PRs self-conscious? Hold that thought.


Weekend Briefing

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Please note: as this is lucecannon’s first weekend briefing, some of the newspapers have not been included this time.