A distinct lack of TV excitement

 Jeremy Paxman fronts The Victorians. BBC

Gosh. No TV reviews on this site for ages. Fact is, I just haven’t watched anything worth reviewing for ages. Can’t be bothered with either Jeremy Paxman or the Victorians. Hasn’t TV mined the Victorians enough already? What did the Victorians do for us? Plenty. But I just don’t want to watch any more surveys of their times and mores on TV, even on a Sunday night.

I am watching ER on More4 on Thursdays but now the series is in full swing it’s hardly anything write home or even here about. Distracting, yes; but very far from brilliant.

I have caught a couple of BBC 1’s latest Who Do You Think You Are? episodes on Monday nights. Is it me, or have producers Wall to Wall upped the interest value of the celebrities taking part this time? Fiona Bruce appealed, if only so we could gawk at the modernist extension to her Georgian London pile. Who Do You Think Has Grand Designs? I liked it. And Rick Stein last week was suitably moved by his missionary roots to make the programme work. This is still a great way into the last two hundred years of social history.

I enjoy QI on Friday nights but it’s a shame it’s being used to prop up weak sitcom Not Going Out. It means QI’s brand of erudite chortlement is on too early, leaving a whole hour to be killed between it and Jonathan Ross‘ chat show. Far too much has been said about Ross on this blog already. I continue to enjoy his show. His interview with Mickey Rourke worked on almost every level, cleverly reminding us of what Rourke used to look like with a clip of Angel Heart in the show. The only question Ross didn’t ask and Rourke wouldn’t answer was what the hell, besides age, has happened to his features?

So that’s my TV round-up of the weekend. Oh, there was some really good stuff on Motown on BBC 4 on Friday night including a Storyville documentary but I made my life partner switch over when Ross started on BBC 1. His reaction? “This is so lightweight. At least I was getting some information from that Motown thing.” It was all down to the Funk Brothers, apparently.

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